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Chapitre 4

French I

Tentative Assignment Schedule: 
  • Assignments are always subject to change, and what is assigned in class is the correct assignment. 
  • All assignments are due the next school day.
Chapter 4 Practice activities:

 Homework for  Week of January 12-16
 lundiWork on Speaking Exam Responses    
 mardiMake sure Speaking Exam Responses are complete, and

correct anything Mme Moore comments on

 mercrediStudy/Practice for Oral exam!       
 jeudiReview/Study for Tuesday's exam!

Review/Study for Tuesday's exam!

 Homework for  Week of January 5-9
 lundiWrite 10 sentences in English using possessive adjectives.  The topics of your sentences should be within your French vocabulary.
 mardiCreate and share a document with Mme Moore in Google Drive for your speaking exam responses.  
Complete the questions in "Lecons Preliminaires" for Wednesday.
 mercrediComplete the questions in "Chapitre 1" for Thursday.          
 jeudiComplete the questions in "Chapitre 2" for Friday.

 vendrediComplete the questions in "Chapitre 3" and "Chapitre 4" for Monday.

 Homework for  Week of December 15-19
 lundiReview all vocab - Reading Test Tuesday

 mardiFinish Culture reading and questions - p. 130-131 Textbook
Continue filling in flip chart

 mercrediTextbook p. 138-139 - write out full sentences
 jeudi Flip Chart for Review due Friday
Study for Ch. 4 Unit Test on Friday
 vendrediReview Vocab from Lecons Preliminaires through ch. 4 (begin to prepare for exam)

 Homework for  Week of December 8-12
 lundiStudy the verb AVOIR for tomorrow's quiz 

 mardiWkbk p. 34-35 ex. 10, 11, 12, 13

 jeudiStudy all vocab from ch. 4 except "la famille" 


 Homework for  Week of December 1-5

 mardiWorkbook p. 29 ex. 1 and p. 30 ex. 3 & 4 

 mercrediStudy vocab (La famille) for tomorrow's quiz
 jeudi Workbook p. 33 ex. 8 & 9

 vendredi Workbook p. 31-32 ex. 5, 6, 7

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