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Chapitre 3

French II

Tentative Assignment Schedule: 
  • Assignments are always subject to change, and what is assigned in class is the correct assignment. 
  • All assignments are due the next school day.
  Homework for Week of January 12-16
 LundiWorkbook p. 25-26 ex. 10-13

 MardiTextbook p. 75-76 ex. 13 & 14
Study for Imparfait Quiz on Wednesday
 MercrediCome to class on Thursday with any questions about the exam
 JeudiMake sure that all missing assignments are complete.  No late work will be accepted after 3 pm on Friday, January 16, 2015.
Study for Thursday's Exam!

 VendrediStudy for Thursday's Exam!

  Homework for Week of January 5-9
 LundiMake sure flip chart is complete and Mots 1 for Ch. 3 is done in your notes
 MardiWorkbook p. 21-22 ex. 1-4
Check out the exam guide attached below
Snow Day
Snow Day
Snow Day

  Homework for Week of Dec 15-19
 LundiWorkbook p. 23 ex. 6 and p. 24 ex. 7 & 8

 MardiReview vocab and grammar for writing day Wed.
Work on flip chart review booklet
 MercrediStudy for Mots 2 Vocab Quiz on Thursday


Review Activities: